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Designing impactful online learning for healthcare

At EL Learning Design, we have a passion for creating memorable learning experiences that bring lasting change. We specialise in serving the needs of healthcare professionals and patients, and leverage our knowledge of current learning theories to create tailored programs that meet the unique needs of our clients. 

Image of healthcare professional learning online with laptop, chalkboard with medical illustration
The EL Learning Design team at a film studio with clinets

Experts in Healthcare Education

EL Learning Design is unique in having a pharmacist on our design team. With their deep expertise in healthcare, our pharmacist ensures that every aspect of our e-learning content is meticulously curated to meet the needs and standards of the industry. They bring invaluable insights and real-world experience and work seamlessly with content specialists to create engaging and informative courses. EL Learning Design can bring it's own network of content specialists to projects, as well as collaborate effectively with clients who bring their own expertise. Our expertise in healthcare education ensures we precisely meet clients' needs, providing bespoke solutions and superior results.

Your expertise in healthcare education sets you apart from other e-learning providers. Your understanding of the content and the healthcare setting enables you to create high-quality learning. Your knack for transforming content into captivating online courses is truly outstanding.'

Dr Pinkie Chambers, UCLH

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