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Video Examples

EL Learning are experienced in developing a range of different videos for learning, from animated case studies to learner interviews. We work closely with clients to ensure the style of the video matches the learning or project needs. 


Event Recording

Creating an event record can be a great promotional asset but also be used in learning content to capture evolving ideas.


This short promotional film was developed for TEDI-London, a new Engineering University co-founded by Kings College London, UNSW and Arizona State University. The brief was to capture the spirit of their 2022 to share with partners and industry.


This films includes a range of different filming techniques including formal interviews and event filming. 


Animated Characters

Animated characters can be used to build rapport and develop narratives within a course. EL Learning can create custom characters for different projects.


 This video was developed as part of a course commissioned by Green Light Campus for trainee pharmacists.

The animated video features the character of Ray that appears throughout the course to remind learners to focus on fundamental principles. 


Animated Explainer Videos

Animated video can be used to illustrate events such as case studies or real life contexts. 

This video developed for a course commissioned by NHS Dementia is part of a series of videos and interactions that illustrate the needs of different types of patients. 

The same set of characters have been used throughout the course to develop a rich story line that learners can engage in. 



Interviews from learners, clients, patients or experts can enrich a course in lots of the different ways, creating a sense of community or giving unique insights into a phenomena.

El Learning are experts at conducting interviews in a relaxed manner, that create genuine and engaging responses that can be used alongside lots of other types of footage. 


Talking Head 

Talking head video can be used to introduce key learning objectives and develop rapport with a expert.  

This video was developed as an overview to an online module for a blended course at the School of Pharmacy UCL. 

EL Learning can develop talking head videos that use autocues on location or in a green screen studio. 


Actor Videos

Screenshot of an interactive case study
Screen shot of a video set in a pharmacy

EL Learning has expertise in all facets of production and collaborating with professional actors. From hiring to producing and editing. We can use actor videos to create a rage of educational resources such as interactive case studies and skill demonstrations.


Whether it is working on-site or using studio facilities, EL Learning design team is experienced in both.

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