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Older people's mental health


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Mental Health

EL Learning Design proudly partnered with the NHS England older people's mental health team to develop targeted learning resources for healthcare professionals. Our goal was to address crucial gaps in knowledge and skills related to spotting the signs of depression in older people.


  1. Raise awareness and improve recognition of depression in older individuals.

  2. Enhance professionals' ability to engage in meaningful conversations with older people experiencing depression.

  3. Provide insights into the wide array of treatment options available for managing depression in older people.

This learning initiative was tailored for anyone involved in caring for or supporting older adults. This encompassed professionals across various sectors, including community care, care homes, social care, voluntary services, and NHS settings.

Project Highlights:

  • Online Accessibility: Our learning modules were delivered through an intuitive online platform for seamless access.

  • Flexible Learning: We designed the content in bite-sized, modular formats to accommodate busy schedules and varying learning paces.

  • Accessibility Options: To ensure inclusivity, our materials were available in multiple accessible formats to cater to diverse learning needs.


100%  of participants stated they would want more learning like this in the future.


"Excellent learning materials."

Course Design

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EL Learning Design led and project managed this project: identifying and engaging content specialists, steering group members and experts by experience; developing the learning objectives; designing the curriculum; and producing the final output.


Our approach involved establishing both an expert advisory board and a steering group to guide the project's direction effectively.

Recognising the potential of podcasts as a valuable learning output, we strategically utilised them as a research tool. By conducting interviews with a diverse range of healthcare professionals, experts by experience, and social workers, we gathered invaluable insights which influenced the structure and content of the final output.


Subsequently, we co-designed the materials based on the rich and collaborative conversations gleaned from these interactions.



We crafted a collection of 15 videos aimed at providing concise topic overviews. These videos were made available on YouTube and seamlessly integrated into an articulate package for accessibility on the NHS Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), known as the Learning Hub.


A key focus throughout the project was to ensure flexibility for learners, allowing them to engage with the materials at their convenience. Additionally, the versatility of the assets enabled their utilisation across various learning contexts, meeting the diverse needs of stakeholders involved in the project.





We produced a series of five podcasts designed to provide in-depth exploration of each topic. Each episode was hosted by EL Learning Design's Dr. Lizzie Mills, and an expert recruited from our advisory board and steering group.


These podcasts featured a diverse array of voices, including experts and individuals with first-hand experiences, enriching the learning experience by offering real-life insights. Their purpose was to breathe life into the topics discussed and facilitate learning through authentic experiences.


A primary learning goal of the project was to empower learners with the ability to identify signs of depression in older people and to feel confident initiating conversations with them. To facilitate this, we developed a game that provided a safe space for learners to practice these skills.


The game immerses learners in the stories of three distinct older people, allowing them to engage in conversations and deepen their understanding as they progress. Through this interactive experience, learners can hone their skills and gain valuable insights into recognizing and addressing depression in older people.

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