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Bespoke digital learning

Cancer education

Custom graphics

EL Learning Design collaborated with UCL NHS Foundation Trust to create four bite-sized modules focusing on immunotherapy. This critical training initiative was tailored for secondary care staff, including pharmacists, junior medics, nurses, and A&E personnel, with the aim of raising awareness about immunotherapy treatments and enhancing their ability to identify pertinent issues in patients undergoing such treatments. Financial support for this training was provided through an Independent Medical Education Grant from Pfizer Limited.

Course Design

Immunotherapy Learning Design

Using our custom learning design workshop, we guided content specialists at UCL NHS Foundation Trust through the process of defining clear learning objectives and crafting a tailored course structure. Content specialists were empowered to pinpoint learner needs, establish learning goals, and structure engaging activities tailored to meet those needs effectively.


This collaborative process enabled us to work hand-in-hand with the content specialists and develop a detailed collaborative storyboard that could be quality assurance by stakeholder groups prior to development.


An essential aspect of this training involved enhancing comprehension of immunotherapy's scientific principles. To aid learners in grasping this concept, we crafted simplified scientific animations.

Case studies

Case studies played a vital role in this project, enabling learners to apply knowledge across various contexts and practice utilising clinical guidance appropriately .


To facilitate this, we designed interactive case studies as a key component of the project. Hosted by an immunotherapy bot character, these case studies guide participants through investigations and management of patients, providing hands-on experience and real-world applications of the learned concepts.

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