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Greenlight Pharmacy Campus

EL Learning Design have partnered with Green Light Campus to develop a calculations e-learning programme to support trainee pharmacists preparing for the GPhC registration assessment.


Co-designed with experienced educational leads at Green Light Campus, EL Learning Design have been able to translate and showcase exemplary educational practice, making learning more accessible, flexible and engaging.

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Course Design 

Our approach to course design utilises Diana Laudrillard's learning types, creating a reflective storyboarding process with subject matter experts. By blending acquisition, practice and investigation, we created a learning design that truly supports learners preparations.

We prioritised flexibility and prior knowledge, allowing learners to tailor their journey. With a variety of content types, our final product provides an engaging and compelling experience that builds confidence at every turn. 

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Case-Based Learning

Our learning design helps users to situate new knowledge in real-life experiences.


We have brought these experiences to life utilising a range of digital storytelling devices such as videos, animations and interactive scenarios. 

A Learning Community 

Developing an emotional connection to the learning process is important. EL Learning Design created the character of Ray, an animated host that helps learners to identify the key mathematical concepts within a question. Ray has been used throughout the video content and as a static image to encourage reflective practice and to develop a course narrative.

In addition to Ray, EL Learning Design also interviewed newly qualified pharmacists and invited them to reflect on their own experiences studying for and taking the GPhC exam. These reflections have been presented in videos and quotes, developing a learning community.

Maths videos.png

From explainer videos to carefully crafted step-by-step examples, we created high-quality resources that break down concepts into manageable chucks. 

The course provides multiple opportunities for learners to practice new concepts; including mimicking exam conditions, and ensuring that learners fully understand their strengths and weaknesses. 

Learning Resources

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