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Merging my fine art background with a passion for innovative pedagogy, my journey has seamlessly integrated creativity with learning. From exhibiting art internationally to spearheading ground-breaking educational technologies, my career has been defined by a tireless pursuit of innovation. As a co-founder of EL Learning Design, I bring together artistry, pedagogy, and technology to craft impactful learning journeys.

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My Story

I graduated from Kingston Fine Art in 2009, specialising in digital, video, and installation art. My journey in the art world led me to collaborate internationally with abstract painter Jessica Helen Hannan, following which we were awarded artist residencies in New York and the College of West Anglia. As my career progressed, my interest in education grew, prompting me to train as a secondary school design technology teacher in 2012. Immersed in bustling workshops and design studios, I found myself increasingly drawn to the potential of technology in reshaping teaching methodologies.

Exploring project-based pedagogies and leveraging technology to support design students became my focus. This pursuit culminated in a Masters in Education and Technology at UCL IOE in 2016. During my studies, I delved into design-based research methods, particularly in developing prototype technologies aimed at fostering empathy in digital storytelling.

Transitioning into the realm of higher education, I worked as a Learning Designer/Learning Technologist from 2018 to 2024. During this time, I contributed to the development of blended and fully online courses and presented several conference papers on the development of games for education. It was during my time at UCL School of Pharmacy that I crossed paths with Lizzie. After collaborating for a year, we both felt it was time to embark on a new venture, leading to the establishment of EL Learning Design.

My practice now integrates my diverse experiences seamlessly. I am a fervent creator, proficient in graphic design, video development, and creative ideation. As an educator, I bring to the table insights gained from both face-to-face and online teaching environments. My passion for design-based research and collaborative innovation in digital tools continues to drive me forward. I thrive on exploring emerging technologies and discovering novel ways to enhance teaching and learning experiences, all while cherishing the opportunity to collaborate and learn from others.

As a learning technologist, I view my role as facilitating transformative learning experiences by effectively engaging content experts and guiding them through the process of translating their expertise into enriching educational content.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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