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COVID-19 Therapeutics


Bespoke digital learning

Interactive video


In collaboration with Greenlight@GP, EL Learning Design developed essential training for prescribers of COVID-19 antiviral treatments. commissioned by the NHS antiviral team With a keen focus on meeting stringent deadlines, our team leveraged our expertise in pharmacy to spearhead the course development process. This involved adeptly navigating through stakeholder and expert advisory boards, while also swiftly adapting to evolving governmental and pharmaceutical guidelines.


Participants gave the course 4.5/5 stating that the interactive elements enhanced their learning. 

"Fun interactive learning."

"Easy simple language to aid understanding." 

"I am a GP. The course was very good. I am about to take on responsibility for assessing Covid positive patients as to whether they are eligible for Paxlovid in a couple of days' time. The teaching was very good, ....The drug interaction and assessment resources will be very helpful as I find my feet."

Course Design

Given the constraints of time for professional development, our priority was to ensure that the course could be finished within an hour, all while effectively imparting important prescribing considerations and giving clinicians with ample practice opportunities. To address this challenge, we collaborated closely with our expert advisory group to devise a course layout that incorporates diverse learning methods. This approach ensured that prescribers gain confidence in their ability to prescribe antivirals across a spectrum of scenarios.

Interactive case studies

Central to the course design was the creation of interactive case studies, enabling learners to actively engage in identifying appropriate patients. Through simulated patients, participants obtained clinical histories and discerned potential drug interactions based on their existing medications. These case studies were  crafted to mirror real-life scenarios and conversations, fostering enhanced retention of critical learning objectives.


Screenshot 2024-04-26 133541.png

Alongside the interactive case studies, we also crafted smaller case studies and implemented questioning to encompass a diverse range of scenarios. By providing numerous chances to assess comprehension, we facilitated an active learning experience where participants could apply their knowledge directly. This approach encouraged engagement and practical application of information that might otherwise have been conveyed solely through guidelines.

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